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Animethon this weekend guys!! I can't believe we haven't been the least bit active here. Looking forward to it of course. Swing by and visit me in the Artist Alley. Anyone headed down to the new location (the parking lot XD) for the dealers room will get to walk right past us (convenient). I am Pauline, I'll be drawing for you of course, or at least one of the many. We have lots and LOTS of artists, (maybe some here?). Buy something from them all 0:-)
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Hey, long time no post.

I recently discovered another convention in the Edmonton Area at Salisbury High School in the sherwood park area. So far all I know is the area it is located in, and that it's on Saturday, April 9th.

Anyone know any other information? I can't really find anything else on it...

Any information would make me SO very happy.

Animethon news!

Hello my animethonians (did that make any sense o.O?) ANYway..

Incase some of you haven't noticed, the Animethon site is down for some new work to come up.. for those of you who do not follow the DA account, the New Mascot is:
Image hosting by Photobucket
They did a nice job on her :)
Also, again, if you don't follow the DA account and wish to be in the Artist Alley, you need to register! There will be an actual room this year!!

I have already started on my costume and hope to see you there ;)

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Hey! I found this community just.. well.. looking up very random things. I happen to be in Edmonton and went to animethon last year. I did try to have some of my own work set up in the area, but I heard it was canceled.. only to find when I get there... LOADS of artists work set up and ready to be admired. Made me pretty angry. But I am working on getting something in this year or maybe next. I'm not near as good as some artists there, but well... then again a lot of the art work isn't all professional ^_^() No offense to the artists. Anyone know anything about maybe expansion? New things to be added or any such? Any 'famous' people? It didn't seem as big as I thought it would be.. well.. big for Alberta. But the only anime conventions I was aware of in Canada till last year was Anime North in Toronto. Sheesh.. I'm ranting.. and I know this journal seemed somewhat dead. But I figured hey! Maybe I can help start ya back up again =)
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Welcome to the Animethon community~! This community was created the day after Animethon X to provide a place for LJ users in Alberta to congregate and discuss Animethon and other social events in the anime scene. And to share photos and links to photos. Membership is open, so please join and tell your alberta friends about this community~!